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What The Founder Say? 创始人如是说~

“For years we have been connecting with people doing business in China, Hong Kong, and throughout Asia. We are so happy to be able to put them in one spot for people to connect, share, and help each other’s businesses grow. If you want to level up your business, and skip past a few of the painful steps in between, we are confident this is the place for you!”


—— 迈理倪 Mike Michelini

Who Join The Cross Border Association? 加入会员有哪些人群?

•Seller 卖家 – This is an online seller such as an Amazon FBA seller, but also can be an offline distributor. These are companies who are buying from manufacturers and selling in their home markets around the world.

•Manufacturer / Supplier 供应商– This is a business who is making products that are then distributed around the world. They are looking for more sellers and distributors to help them increase their turnover.
•Service Provider 服务商 – This is a business who assists sellers and/or suppliers in the cross-border ecommerce industry. Ranging from legal services to marketing agencies, these are important parts of a successful ecosystem.

Incredible Benefits For You 加入会员有哪些权益?

1.Access to member only events
2.Accelerated cross border business networking & connections
3.Listing in our Association member directory
4.Promotion of your business in Global From Asia media platform
5.Access to vault of online learning materials
6.GFA Reviews Service: We help your company service or products promotions, SEO, let more customer find and cooperate with your company.
7.Featured in VIP Member Series Column,We help promote your personal brand ,let more customer know you .
8.Discount for GFA conference or event tickets
9.Join in monthly online mastermind calls and member’s only wechat group
10.Get personal 1 on 1 consulting call with Mike(1time)

4.通过Global From Asia媒体平台面向全球推广你的生意。

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Member Fee 会费: 3000RMB / Yearly 年费

Cross Border Summit 跨境电商国际峰会

Cross Border Summit, is the annual conference l, brings top business leaders from around the world to share their insights and experience to optimize business in today‘s competitive world markets. The conference will be covering topics like Marketing tactics, staff management, cross-border payment settlement, logistics, warehousing, How to sell on Amazon, eBay, Tmall, JD and other major platform as well as the latest trends on cross-border E-Commerce.

Cross Border Summit,是一年一度的跨境电商国际峰会,将聚集来自世界各地的跨境电商界企业主,CEO,高管,分享他们跨境电商产业链相关的经验与知识,共同探讨和交流学习跨境电商业务发展战略,市场营销,团队管理,跨境支付,物流,仓储,如何在亚马逊、亿贝、天猫、京东等主流电商平台,保持你的销售份额处于领先地位。参加Cross Border Summit,关注最前沿的全球跨境电商趋势变化!

Cross Border Summit 2019 >>>>

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